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Bermuda is a country in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the northernmost point of the Bermuda triangle. The country is under the British monarch Elizabeth II. Bermuda's culture is a mixture of the various races of people. Native American, Spanish-Caribbean, English, Irish, and Scots form the majority of Bermuda’s population. English is the official language of the country but there are also groups of Portuguese speaking people in the country. It’s a small country so it does not have that many daily newspapers. The Royal Gazette is the country’s only daily newspaper. Bernews is a online multimedia news site for Bermuda.

Following are chart of Bermuda newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Bermuda Sun en Leading newspaper published in Hamilton, Bermuda.
2 Royal Gazette en Bermuda's leading newspaper covering business, sports, travel, lifestyles, weather, and more.
3 Bernews, news site en
4 Bermuda Wired, news site en
5 Royal Gazette Magazines en