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Bahrain is an Arabian country located in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is an island country. Bahrain is one of the richest countries in the world. The official language of Bahrain is Arabic as used by most of the countries in the Middle East. English is also spoken widely in Bahrain. There are 12 daily newspapers in Bahrain as of 2012. Most of the newspapers are published in Arabic and few in English. There are also a lot of online news websites in the country. The country has a few online magazines to go along with its online news sites. The country also publishes some magazines.

Following are chart of Bahrain newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Al Ayam ar One of the most widely read newspapers in Bahrain.
2 Akhbar Al Khaleej ar One of the most widely read Arabic-language newspapers published in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Akhbar Al Khaleej is the sister newspaper of the Gulf Daily News.
3 Al-Wasat ar Bahraini Arabic-language daily newspaper. The newspaper was established in 2008 by Mansour Al Jamri.
4 Al-Watan ar
5 Daily Tribune (DT) en
6 Gulf Daily News (GDN) en English-language newspaper published in Bahrain.
7 Bahrain Tribune en Bahraini English-language broadsheet newspaper.
8 Bahrain Post en
9 Gulf Weekly en
10 Bahrain News Agency ar
11 ar
12 Urdu Daily News ar/en Urdu news site.
13 24x7 Bahrain News en
14 Radio Bahrain en
15 Information Affairs Authority en