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Republic of Azerbaijan is a country located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia The country has high rate of human development and low unemployment rate. Azerbaijani is the official language spoken by the locals. English and Russian are also spoken as the second and third language. Both these foreign languages are taught at school. There are 3500 newspapers being published in Azerbaijan. Most of the newspapers are in Azerbaijani. There are a lot of newspapers in English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, German and few other languages. There are lots of online newspaper websites in Azerbaijan. There are online magazines too in the country.

Following are chart of Azerbaijan newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Adalat AZE
2 Azer News AZE
3 Ayna AZE
4 Bakinskiy Rabochiy RU (Baku Worker)
5 525-ci Qəzet AZE
6 Echo RU (ЭХО)
7 Iki Sahil AZE
8 Nedelya AZE
9 Sherg AZE
10 Xalg Gazeti AZE | EN | RU
11 Yeni Musavat AZE | RU
12 Zaman Azerbaycan AZE | RU
13 Zerkalo RU (Зеркало)
14 Kaspi AZE | RU
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