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Aruba is a small Caribbean island located near Venezuela. The island is only 32 km long and 10 km across. It’s a Constituent country forming The Kingdom of Netherlands. The island has two official languages. Dutch and Papiamento are both considered official language. Papiamento is the native language of the ABC Islands. The country is known for tourism. Aruba has four newspapers published in Papiamento Diario, Bon Dia, Solo di Pueblo and Awe Mainta. There are three newspapers published in English Aruba Daily, Aruba Today and The News. Amigoe is the newspaper published in Dutch. Most of these newspapers have their online version.

Following are chart of Aruba newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Amigoe Aw-nl Leading Dutch-language newspaper published in Oranjestad, Aruba. The newspaper contains articles about local sports, business, religion, art and entertainments, health, and more.
2 Aruba Daily En English-language newspaper published Monday through Saturday.
3 Diario Online Pap Papiamento language newspaper published in Aruba.
4 Aruba.Com Aw Official travel site of Aruba Tourism Authority.
5 Aruba Press & Media Aw Featuring travel destination information, press releases, images, and more.
6 Bon Dia Aw
7 Morning News Aw-en
8 Island Temptations Aw