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Armenia is a mountainous country of Eurasia. Armenian is spoken as the official language in the Armenia. The newspapers are published mostly in Armenian Language. Russian is spoken are a lot of places and is the second most popular language in the country. 50% of the people think that English should be taught at the primary level in the country. There are also a small number of newspapers in Russian and English language. Most of the online editions of the newspapers come in English, Russian and by default Armenian language. There are a lot of online newspaper and magazines in the county. There are lots of newspapers of Armenian diaspora (outside Armenia) people all over the world in various languages.

Following are chart of Armenia newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Aravot Am-En Leading daily newspaper in Armenia published in Armenian, English & Russian languages.
2 Azg Am-En Popular daily newspaper published Armenia. Azg publish in Armenian, Turkish, English & Russian languages.
3 Business 24 es-AR Featuring Armenia and worldwide economic, financial and business sectors. The newspaper published in Armenian and Russian languages.
4 Oraterta> Am Daily newspaper published in Armenian-language. The newspaper featuring society, economy, culture, sports, and regional news.
5 Golos Armenii Am Russian language daily newspaper published in the Republic of Armenia.
6 Zhamanak Am-En Armenian-American political daily newspaper published in Armenian and English-languages.
7 Iravunk de facto Am Biweekly newspaper published in Armenia.
8 Syuniac Yerkir Am The newspaper printed in every 10 days.
9 Hayastany Hanrapetutyun> Am Armenian language newspaper published daily.
10 Hraparak Am Daily newspaper published in Armenia.
11 Novoye Vremya Am Russian-language newspaper published in Armenia.
12 Tert Am Leading newspaper published in Russian, and Armenian-language.
13 Armenia Liberty Am Armenian newspaper published in English and Armenian languages.
14 Haykakan Zhamanak Am
15 Noyan Tapan Am
16 Armenia Now Am
17 Avangard Am
18 Am
19 Business Express Am
20 Yerkir Am Official newspaper of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).
21 (Armenian News and Analyses) Am
22 Armenpress Am State news agency in Armenia.
23 Nagorno-Karabagh Republic (NKR) Am
24 Am Published in Yerevan by the Association of Investigative Journalists NGO.
26 Marmara Am One of the Armenian-language daily newspapers published in Turkey.
27 Hairenik Am Armenian-American newspaper published in Massachusetts, United States.
28 Asbarez Am California based newspaper published in Armenian-language.
29 Horizon Weekly, Canada Am
30 Azat Or, Greece Am
31 Alik, Iran Am
32 Aztag, Lebanon Am