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Angola is an African country. It’s the seventh largest country in Africa. The country has a population of over 24 million. Due to the Portuguese Colonization of AngolaPortuguese was forced amongst the local people of the land. Portuguese is spoken as the first language by most of the people in Angola. Portuguese is recognized as the official language in Angola. Although there are other languages spoken in small groups it is more likely to be practiced verbally. The country’s newspapers are published mostly in Portuguese.There are also small number of newspaper published in English and French. There are a few big newspapers that publish their papers in Portuguese, English and French languages.

Following are chart of Angola newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Jornal de Angola Pt Government-owned daily newspaper published in Angola.
2 Jornal Expansão Pt Luanda
3 Jornal dos Desportos Pt
4 AngoNoticias Pt Portuguese-language news portal.
5 BBC News - Angola Pt Providing news, politics, history, economy, population, facts, weather, and more.
6 ReliefWeb - Angola Pt
7 Wikipedia - Angola En-Pt Provides information on politics, history, religion, weather, population, foreign relations, economy, environment, geography, culture, government, and human rights.
8 Pt Based in Cabinda, Angola.
9 Angola Press (ANGOP) Pt State-run, was founded in 1975.
10 Jeune Afrique - Angola Pt