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Algeria is a North African country located in the Mediterranean Coast. It’s the largest country by land in the continent of Africa and the 10th largest in the world. Its capital is Algiers. Arabic is the official language of Algeria. So we can assume that most of the country’s newspaper is published in Arabic. Algeria is recognized as a bilingual country since 1962. One third of Algeria’s population speaks Berber. Berber is recognized as an official language of the country. More than 11 million people in Algeria is able and write French. There are huge number of newspapers and magazines in French too. Although French is not recognized as an official language 60% of Albanians understand French. There are also newspapers and magazines in English in the country.

Following are chart of Algerian newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Echorouk Ar Leading Arabic-language newspaper based in Kouba, Algiers.
2 El Khabar Ar One of the most widely circulated Algerian newspapers.
3 Liberte Fr Newspaper published in French-language and covering economy, culture, inside Algeria news, history, and more.
4 El Moudjahid Fr One of the French-language newspapers in Algeria owned by Algerian Government.
5 El Watan Fr Algerian French-language newspaper featuring local and worldwide news including health, sports, entertainment, business, and more.
6 El Massa Ar
7 El Heddaf Ar Algerian sports newspaper devoted to football.
8 Ech Chaab Ar Daily newspaper based in Algiers.
9 Akher Saâ Ar
10 Al Fadjr Ar
11 El Raaed Ar
12 Annasr Ar
13 Djazair News Ar
14 Echibek Ar
15 El Ahdath Ar
16 El Djournhouria Ar
17 El Khabar Eriadi Ar
18 Ennahar El Djadid Ar
19 Horizons Ar
20 La Depéche de Kabylie Ar
21 L'Expression Ar
22 Le Jour d'Algerie Ar
23 Le Matin DZ Ar
24 Le Quotidien d'Oran Ar
25 Le Soir d'Algerie Ar
26 North Africa Journal Ma Based in MA, USA
27 Ouarsenis Ar
28 Sawt Alahrar Ar
30 Transaction D'Algerie Ar
31 Wakteld Jazair Ar