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Albania is a country in situated in Southeastern Europe. The country has a population of 3 million. Albanian is the official language of the country. 98% of Albanians stated that Albanian is their mother tongue. From this statistics we can easily understand that most of the country newspapers are published in Albanian language. There are also a few newspapers in Greek language. English is the most popular language in the world and every country is bound to have newspapers in English. There are also few multilingual languages in the country. There are newspaper published in all three languages including English, Greek and Albanian. There are also a huge increasing number of magazines in Albania. Albania is a member of FIFA and founding UEFA and football is the most popular sports in the country. As a result they have some sports newspapers and magazines available for the people.

Following are chart of Albanian newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Gazeta 55 AL Berliner (midi) format Albanian language newspaper based in Tirana, Albania. Gazeta 55 distributed in Albania and Greece.
2 Gazeta Shqiptare EN An Albanian daily newspaper focusing on latest breaking news and information on politics, sports, weather, travel, and business.
3 Gazeta Sot AL Albanian daily newspaper.
4 Koha Jonë EN Albania's leading daily broadsheet format newspaper.
5 24 ore lajme AL 24 hrs news source in Albanian-language.
6 Rilindja Demokratike (RD) AL-EN Daily newspaper published six days a week (Tuesday to Sunday). The newspaper owned by Democratic Party of Albania.
7 Shekulli (English: Century) AL One of the most widely circulated daily newspaper published in Tirana, Albania.
8 Shqip AL Albanian newspaper owned by Top Channel.
9 Sporti Shqiptar (English: Albanian Sport) EN One of the top Albanian sports newspapers covering championship, Albanian Cup, national team, premier league football, tennis, swimming, and more.
10 Tema AL Albanian-language broadsheet format daily newspaper. The Tema includes in-depth national and international articles about politics, business, health, sports, and education.
11 Zëri i Popullit (English: Voice of the People) AL Leading Albanian-language daily newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 1944 and owned by Party of Labour of Albania.
12 Tirana Times EN Albanian first weekly English-language newspaper. The newspaper covering Albania and the Balkans Peninsula.
13 Albanian Daily News (ADN) EN Albania's leading English-language newspaper published since 1995.
14 Albania News EN Albanian news portal.
15 AMA News AL Albanian media agency
16 Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) AL
17 Albanian Radio and TV (RTSh) EN
18 TV Klan AL-EN