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Afghanistan is a country located in Central Asia and South Asia. The country is popular in newspaper all over the world. Afghanistan has two official languages Pashto and Dari. Both of these languages are used as first language equally by the residents. That’s why the country has newspapers in both Pashto and Dari. The country also has its own English version newspapers. For a country headlining the world we can surely expect a lot of news in the local newspapers also. Afghanistan also has a number of online news portals. The country also has its fair share of magazines. There are lots of weekly and monthly magazines. There are few sports pages in the newspapers as well. In other words a country struck by war but Afghanistan is still maintaining its country newspapers properly. There are few newspapers that is published in Pashto, Dari and English.

Following are chart of afghan newspapers sorted by popularity.

No. Title Language Comment
1 Afghanistan Times EN English-language daily newspaper published in Kabul, Afghanistan since 2005.
2 Daily Outlook EN Independent English language newspaper published in Afghanistan.
3 Benawa PS Persian-language newspaper published in Afghanistan.
4 Pajhwok Afghan News En - PS Kabul-based independent news agency providing daily coverage of news.
5 Kabul Press EN Afghan news portal and discussion website in Persian and English-language.
6 Daily Afghanistan PS Region and the latest news, information and analysis on critical issues in Afghanistan.
7 Khaama Press EN Independent website publishing information about politicians, scholars and enterprises.
8 Afghan Online Press EN Daily updated news from Afghanistan.
9 Afghan Islamic Press EN - PS An independent Afghan news agency founded in 1982.
10 Afghanistan News EN Provides updated reports on the latest events in Kabul and other major cities in Afghanistan.
11 8 Sobh PS
12 Afghan Daily EN Daily Life for US Soldiers on the Afghan/Pakistan Border.
13 Dawat PS - EN Dawat Independent Media Center (DIMC). All about Afghanistan.
14 Larabar PS
15 Afghan Review EN Business-focused publication dedicated solely to the Afghan market.
16 Afghanistan Watch EN - PS